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”The” Bibliography

has recently been published on khora impex.
The chronological list below does not reflect yet all the changes that have occured while completing the alphabetical list in the book edition. Then I will proceed with further additions and tweaks. Probably won't publish v2.0 anytime soon, at least not until the list will be significantly bigger or will include more than just a few magazines. The foreword might also be severely rewritten. For now, I have to focus on other projects, but will go on adding books on khora impex. Thank you for your patience with such things even in the rough times we are living in. -yigru zeltil

A Bibliography of Conceptual Writing (v1.01) - available now from Lulu. Acknowledgements go to Sandra Segal for the financial support.

Also check out the Monoskop article

n.d.: Dmitri Prigov, Odna tysiacha trista semʹdesiat sedʹmoi grobik otrinutykh stikhov [The one thousand three hundred and seventy-seventh little coffin of rejected verse]
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